Thursday, March 26, 2009

New on Etsy

I've been working away getting new pieces done and getting them posted on my ETSY store. I've got more to photograph and get on there but I did these today.It seems to me that it takes so much time to photograph, edit and post stuff. I take more time doing that than making my jewelry. Maybe when it comes to tech things, I'm just slow.
Then there's having to name my pieces.

I had trouble coming up with names for my kids and the cats that I've had over the years. Now, I have to come up with names for my jewelry.

I'm just not that clever with words. If I was, I'd be a famous novelist or something. Well, at least I'm happy making my jewelry. If you want to see more pictures take a look at my ETSY store.


Joanie Hoffman said...

Gosh, I love Copper Dreams!
I'm going to have to start an Etsy savings account.
Your jewelry is beautiful.
Happy days,

Fanciful Expressions said...

Thanks so much, Joanie. I enjoy working with copper~~~the colors are amazing when colored with the torch.

Have a great week-end

stacie said...

Those are really, really beautiful!!! I love copper too...your pendants rock!!

carolyn said...

these are gorgeous! i love blue shelf.
enjoy your weekend!

Beth Bricker said...

Carolyn your new jewelry is just wonderful! I know what you mean about the naming of jewelry. I have a hard time with that and the descriptions. I have a hard time with the photos too. I get home from work to late so I lose the natural light that I prefer to take the photos in, I'm glad summer is on the way it stays light later.
Anyway, just beautiful stuff!

Deborah Truesdell said...


Thank you for the birthday wishes! I love the new pieces you have posted here and I love that Deryn won your giveaway!! Tamsie and I were hearbroken that we didn't win, but better luck next time. Your pieces feel like they have a lot of soul coming through them!

Happy Heart Hugs to you my friend,