Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking a break

I'll be taking a short break from blogging. I know it's been awhile since I've written anything. My sweet cat Jake was just diagnosed with lung cancer. His veterinarian tells us that there is nothing to be done for him because of his age. He's been my companion for 17 1/2 years and I have to admit this has got me down. I'm trying to spend as much time with him as I can until we have to say our final good-bye. Just writing about this brings me to tears. He's such a good kitty and I love him so much that I'm not sure how to make the final decision. He's still eating,drinking, grooming and being his cuddly self. I can hear him wheezing when he breathes but I don't think he's in any pain yet. I pray that God will guide me to do right by Jake and let him go at the right time. I want him to stay with me but I don't want him to suffer either. Here are some pictures of my sweetie.

He's a fan of do it yourself shows. And he always watches "Ghost Hunters" with me.

Isn't this just the sweetest face?

He likes to stop and smell the flowers.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Check out the article

My friend, Jessica Moreau-Berry wrote an article about Studio Spaces here . And, guess what!! She mentions my studio,which happens to be a mess right now as I have some orders to finish up and don't have the time or energy to clean it. Jes has pictures of her studio there and it's beautiful. I'll be planning on redecorating mine soon I think. Actually, I'm pleased with mine the way it is~~don't want to scare hubby into thinking that I'm planning a project for him. While you're checking out Wishstudio Blogzine take a look at Sara Lechner's studio. All I can say is WOW.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Prayers for kitten

Hi all,

Please send good thoughts and prayers for little kitty. My friend Denise called me this afternoon to tell me that the kitten is very sick with pneumonia. She and her hubby Eric are taking care of him around the clock ( plus caring for other rescued animals). Any prayers that you could send their way would be a great help. Thanks, all my friends in blogland.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, there it is. On the left is my "new" vintage suitcase. The woman that gave it to me came by on Saturday to visit and was so pleased that her Mother's treasure was put to good use.
Here's a view of what I did with the top. Dover publications has a CD of vintage travel stickers. I printed some out and aged them with Distress ink,beat them up a little and voila, my friends mom had been all over the world..Here's a look at the inside. I don't know if it's my "lucky" suitcase or coincidence...but sales were very good this week-end.

This is ending up to be a long post. Would you like to get a nice cup of coffee or tea and then continue? I'd like to announce that " Serendipity" in LaGrange, Kentucky is carrying some of my jewelry. The Mom and Daughter that own it are very sweet. It's a cafe/gift shop~~~~I love any place that you can eat AND shop at the same time.
And, just for fun. My friend and jewelry partner, Denise, works for the Humane society and this is a 2 week old rescued kitten. He has to be bottle fed every 2 or 3 hours so he got to join us at the Farmers and Artisans market.

Until next time~~~~~