Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Pumped

Guess what???? Deryn Mentock of Something Sublime won the necklace that I gave away. She received it the other day and guess what???? She blogged about it. I'm so thrilled that this wonderful artist likes the necklace that I made. Go over and see what she said. Thank you, Deryn. I'm really glad that you won.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New on Etsy

I've been working away getting new pieces done and getting them posted on my ETSY store. I've got more to photograph and get on there but I did these today.It seems to me that it takes so much time to photograph, edit and post stuff. I take more time doing that than making my jewelry. Maybe when it comes to tech things, I'm just slow.
Then there's having to name my pieces.

I had trouble coming up with names for my kids and the cats that I've had over the years. Now, I have to come up with names for my jewelry.

I'm just not that clever with words. If I was, I'd be a famous novelist or something. Well, at least I'm happy making my jewelry. If you want to see more pictures take a look at my ETSY store.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Aahhhh!! Spring is here today. This is blooming in our back yard.
Click on it for a closer look.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

And the winner is

But, first, I want to say Happy Birthday to my sweet and wonderful son. Sunday, we had dinner at his house and did a little birthday celebration. His birthday was actually on the 13th but they left to go on vacation then. So, Saturday, he and his brood got back armed with some great vacation pictures. Then we got to do the Happy Birthday song. He had some help blowing out his candles on the cake.

Jason, I just want to say what a fine man you've grown up to be. I'm so blessed and honored to say that you're my son. BTW~~~~how's it feel to be 36?

Now, on to the drawing for the necklace. I decided to have my granddaughter do the honors. She was so excited because she's familiar with many of you because of my blog.

First, I printed all of the names of everyone who commented. Then I cut them out, all equally and folded all in the same manner. We put them in grandson's hat.

Then Paige took the hat, closed her eyes tight and pulled out a name.
Is the suspense getting to you?????
There's the winner's name in her hand. She already knows who it is :o)

Scroll down
Scroll a bit more

So,Deryn, just Email me the snail mail addy of where you'd like your necklace shipped. And it will be on it's way to you right away.

As I've said before, I wish I could send something to each and everyone of you who've read my blog and made such kind and wonderful comments. Keep reading~~~I had fun with this and I'm seriously thinking of doing another give-away in the coming months. I want to thank all of my blogger buddies for all of your support.......

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Don't forget to check on Monday.........I'll announce the winner then.
Until Monday then.........Have a lovely spring week-end.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Chance

Today is the last chance to make a comment to get in on the drawing for the necklace. I'll leave the comments open until midnight tonight. I'll announce the winner on Monday.
Remember, it's easy to enter. Just leave a comment and you're in.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Give away

I've decided to give away a necklace. All you need to do is leave a comment on my blog. Let me know that you're interested. I'll leave the contest open until Friday of this week.

On Saturday I'll print out names of everyone who comments (leaving out duplicates), cut them up and have hubby pick the winner's name out of a container. I'll post the winner's name on Monday.

This is open to everybody so let your friend's know about it. Oh yeah, are you getting curious about what I've decided to giveaway? You are???? Well, I suppose I should include a picture.

As of now, comments are officially closed.
12:40 A.M. EST

I'll be posting the winner on Monday~Good Luck

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 1st teaching gig

Workshops..... Where do you suppose that word originated? Work can= drudgery. This was hardly drudgery. It was FUN teaching talented women. I had a blast teaching my first EVER jewelry ( workshop ) funshop. Here's a look at how things went.

Here are some of the ladies really concentrating. That's Betsy in the forefront, her friend Jennifer next to her, Michelle ( only 12 years old ) wait until you see what she made. That's Marilyn sitting at the far end. Here is what she made. Isn't it gorgeous?

Here's a picture of everybody busily making their creations. DIL Stacy took the picture.

Here's DIL Stacy making pieces of her necklace.
Linda and Stephanie are wearing their creations. Great work!

Here's Laura with her lovely creation.

This is Michelle with her awesome necklace. She's a jewelry making natural.
I'm looking forward to doing another workshop. Michelle, you're welcome back next time.

I'd like to thank the members of Artractions for all their support and encouragement. Stephanie, Linda P, Linda A, Laura. YOU ALL ROCK !

This is Betsy's sweet service dog. She wasn't interested in making a necklace at all. Isn't she just so cute though? I just had to include her :=)

I've been noticing that so many of my blogger friends are doing giveaways. So, to celebrate spring, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm not sure yet if it will be earrings or a necklace. Check out my blog on Monday( 3/16 ). It won't be complicated. You'll just need to make a comment then or during the week. I'll leave it open until Friday ( 3/20 ). and over the week-end I'll print out all the names of the people who have left a comment, cut them up, put them in a container and I'll have hubby draw a name. That's it!!! I'll post the winner on the following Monday ( 3/23 ).

Hope you all have a great week-end and I'll be looking forward to next week.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm still here

Hi all. I haven't disappeared. In fact, I've been making a few new pieces, spending time with my grandkids and getting ready to teach my very first workshop.

I'm on the board of Artractions which is the cultural arts commitee for Shelby county. The members have been so encouraging and supportive of me and my jewelry making. They invited me to offer this class at Artists on Main in Shelbyville.

Am I a little nervous about it? You bet I am. I want to give my students my best and I hope I do well for them. I've kept the class small so I can get a feel for it, I'm easily overwhelmed. The date of the class is March 8. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

In the mean time, here are a few new pieces that I've done. You can click on any of these to make them larger.

This one is made of copper and silver. The focal is copper with Argentium silver wire fused to it to make a bezel. Then I mixed up some two part epoxy into which I mixed some paprika for color and poured it into the bezel.
A couple of eyelets put in backwards look like little flowers.
The links of the chain are sterling silver to which were
added copper colored pearls and automotive fuses filled
with tiny little beads.

This is copper with Argentium silver fused to it.
This one is copper with Unikite
Here we have Argentium silver fused to copper. The chain is Sterling silver and copper with automotive fuses.

These earring are fold formed copper with Sterling Silver
fused to it. Then I textured them.