Thursday, February 18, 2010

A month, it’s been a month????

I can’t believe a month has past. What a slacker I am.  It isn’t as though I’ve been terribly busy~~~~~which probably explains why I haven’t been posting. Hubby’s part time job has been cut back to about 2 days a week. I’m sure it will only be a temporary thing. But, when he’s home I tend to hang with him pretty much and read or watch  television or just talk. Lately, we’ve had a good bit of snow~~~not like out east but a lot for Kentucky. Here, it’ll snow and then melt after a couple of days. Not so this time.


Here’s the view from our back door. It’s pretty but I’m tired of it. Hurry up spring.

Paige is on a basketball team so I’ve been going to her games. That’s been fun. I’ve never been into sports but when my granddaughter  is playing it’s exciting for me.


Here’s a blurry  action shot of her playing. She’s the one in blue.


In this one she’s wearing an orange jersey. This one I get a kick out of. Everyone else is standing around  and if you look at her feet she’s airborne.  That’s our Paige for sure.  Always bouncing when she walks.                                                                         

So, my blogger friends, that’s what I have been up to. What do you do when you’re stuck inside?