Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 1st teaching gig

Workshops..... Where do you suppose that word originated? Work can= drudgery. This was hardly drudgery. It was FUN teaching talented women. I had a blast teaching my first EVER jewelry ( workshop ) funshop. Here's a look at how things went.

Here are some of the ladies really concentrating. That's Betsy in the forefront, her friend Jennifer next to her, Michelle ( only 12 years old ) wait until you see what she made. That's Marilyn sitting at the far end. Here is what she made. Isn't it gorgeous?

Here's a picture of everybody busily making their creations. DIL Stacy took the picture.

Here's DIL Stacy making pieces of her necklace.
Linda and Stephanie are wearing their creations. Great work!

Here's Laura with her lovely creation.

This is Michelle with her awesome necklace. She's a jewelry making natural.
I'm looking forward to doing another workshop. Michelle, you're welcome back next time.

I'd like to thank the members of Artractions for all their support and encouragement. Stephanie, Linda P, Linda A, Laura. YOU ALL ROCK !

This is Betsy's sweet service dog. She wasn't interested in making a necklace at all. Isn't she just so cute though? I just had to include her :=)

I've been noticing that so many of my blogger friends are doing giveaways. So, to celebrate spring, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm not sure yet if it will be earrings or a necklace. Check out my blog on Monday( 3/16 ). It won't be complicated. You'll just need to make a comment then or during the week. I'll leave it open until Friday ( 3/20 ). and over the week-end I'll print out all the names of the people who have left a comment, cut them up, put them in a container and I'll have hubby draw a name. That's it!!! I'll post the winner on the following Monday ( 3/23 ).

Hope you all have a great week-end and I'll be looking forward to next week.


Laura Noe said...

The workshop was totally awesome!! I wore my lovely creation today to a reception for an art show I participated in. I received some very nice compliments.

I sure hope I looked better today wearing my new necklace than what I did in the blog photo from that day of the workshop, LOL. NOTE TO SELF: Next workshop, I'll remember to wear makeup and fix my hair. :-)

Thank you Carolyn for the wonderful worksthop.. You're right, they should be called "FUNSHOPS". I am looking very forward to the next one.


carolyn said...

congrats on your first of many workshops! it looks like everyone had a blast and their jewelry came out great! wish i lived closer so i could attend your next one. :-)
betsy's dog is so cute...i am partial to goldens myself since i am "owned" by two of them.

sallyt said...

Carolyn, this looks like a super successful workshop. Way to go. Everyone seems to be having fun and making awesome necklaces. Congrats.