Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, there it is. On the left is my "new" vintage suitcase. The woman that gave it to me came by on Saturday to visit and was so pleased that her Mother's treasure was put to good use.
Here's a view of what I did with the top. Dover publications has a CD of vintage travel stickers. I printed some out and aged them with Distress ink,beat them up a little and voila, my friends mom had been all over the world..Here's a look at the inside. I don't know if it's my "lucky" suitcase or coincidence...but sales were very good this week-end.

This is ending up to be a long post. Would you like to get a nice cup of coffee or tea and then continue? I'd like to announce that " Serendipity" in LaGrange, Kentucky is carrying some of my jewelry. The Mom and Daughter that own it are very sweet. It's a cafe/gift shop~~~~I love any place that you can eat AND shop at the same time.
And, just for fun. My friend and jewelry partner, Denise, works for the Humane society and this is a 2 week old rescued kitten. He has to be bottle fed every 2 or 3 hours so he got to join us at the Farmers and Artisans market.

Until next time~~~~~


diane cook said...

It turned out beautiful Carolyn! I believe it is your lucky suitcase~especially if I say so! LOL. Glad you had a great show, and a new venue to sell your jewels.
And, the kitty is so small....

Jes said...

OH! Everything looks FABULOUS! I can imagine that your sales were brimming over!!

And that little kitten..... *sigh*

You have been mentioned here my friend!


Chris said...

Very cool display~~~I love the way you added the "stickers". And you weren't "lucky", just a talented artist in the right place at the right time!