Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Summer Week-end

I enjoyed a nice week-end. I sold jewelry at a local farmers market and after that really nothing. Just hung out at home~~~~ didn't even work on making more jewelry. Just stayed low key. The farmers market is one that I usually do each Saturday morning and the setting is so pretty. It's in a cute small town on their courthouse lawn.

It seems that quite a few people were buying Christmas presents already. Can it be that close already? Starting tomorrow I'd better get busy making more jewelry. If sales keep going as well as yesterday I don't want to run out of stock. :D

Oh, and I did play with my camera a bit. Took some pics of Jake my sweet cat. He's a handsome fella, if you ask me. Especially being a senior citizen and all. He was 17 years old in April and he was a gift to me from my son when he was a kitten of about 8 weeks old.

I like the soft focus look of this one.

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diane cook said...

Carolyn, What fun! And, it looks so beautiful and green. I am so glad you had good sales~surely makes a difference.
And your kitty is darling. Especially the last one where its eyes are closed ;)