Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Secret Santa Recipient

My Secret Santa gift arrived for none other than Jan Thomason a wonderful paper artist. I’m so grateful to Molly Alexander  for hosting this Secret Santa swap because through it I’ve met two wonderful people that I wasn’t aware of before. My recipient Jan Thomason and my Secret Santa Cindy Wimmer .



The earrings are Argentium  silver. I  cut out the stars from sheet copper with my jewelers saw and fused them into the silver with the torch. I  cut individual beams coming from the stars into the silver with a cutting wheel using my flex shaft for sparkle. Shining down from the stars are pale pink and clear Swarovski crystals. The ear wire is sterling silver and also was handmade by me.

They’re very shiny which made them difficult to photograph but I did my best.

Merry Christmas to all of my friends, new and old.


Beth Bricker said...

These are beautiful! How do you fuse copper to argentium silver? I'm impressed!

Paige said...


A Beaded Affair said...

Sweet, love them. I really have to start playing with fire, lol.

ZyanyaBella said...

Those earrings are beautiful!

Cindy said...

Your earrings are soooo beautiful...and just as Beth said, I'm so impressed! How you cut them from sheet metal and fused them is just amazing. I am sure they will be treasured.

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

OH! I am sooooo jealous!! I need to get back to blogging more, I miss out on all of the fun! I'd knock over my own Grandmother for one of Cindy's pieces!! (OK. not really, but I bet you get the point!!)

If you girls ever need another to play, just give me a shout!!

WELL! I'm really dropping over to wish you the sweetest and bestest of holidays my Dear!!! I always love hearing form you!! After Christmas i'll have a little more time to visit. (it's winter in Maine you know!) (LOL)

chat soon!


stacie said...

I hope that you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas!!! Beautiful work as always!

Paige said...

Since A Beaded Affair said she has to start "playing with fire," i wanted to comment on this: Every time I do the AWESOME torch,(At grandma's house) I do one of those evil scientist laughs. Grandma ALWAYS says She's scared when I Even sit down and start doing the torch ( thank goodness for saftey precautions) She also says i'm a budding jewler :) bye, paige

Fanciful Expressions said...

Paige, you are a budding jewelry artist. And yes, safety precautions are mandatory :=)
But the evil scientist laugh freaks me out a bit.
Love you girl,see you Wednesday.

Paige said...

yes,yes I bet it does.

diane said...

Your earrings were such beauties! I have never used argentium silver...WOW! I LOVE stars.....
Happy New Year and God Bless my friend =)
p.s. I love the picture of you and your husband, with you necklace on from Cindy~(she is a doll)!