Monday, September 14, 2009

A show and a play

I did a craft show at the Shelby county High School over the week-end. It was their first one and unfortunately not very well attended. There were so many talented artists and artisans exhibiting too. Here’s how I set up my space. 100_2880



This Saturday and Sunday I’ll be set up at the Midway Fall Festival in the lovely town of Midway. It’s the first year for me~~~~wish me luck.

Last night we went to see our favorite thespian, Paige, in the production of “Suessical the Musical”. Of course, she was magnificent. 100_2888

Here she is outside on the way to the theater before the performance.



This is after the show with her friend~ The Cat in the Hat.

Grandpa and I enjoyed the show very much. It was funny, lively and just good entertainment.

Kudos to Shelby County Community theater for the many fine productions that they put on through out the year.


The Joy of Nesting said...


How discouraging with last weekends show. But maybe you were able to gleem a couple of inspirations. :)

Bravo how exciting to have a budding thespian in the family especially one in bubble gum striped socks!!

Sending tons of positive Chi your direction for the next show!! Sell lots!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Too bad the show wasn't well attended. Your display looks quite nice and inviting!
Gotta Love that Dr. Suess!

Beth Bricker said...

Love your set-up, sorry the show wasn't well attended, but the next show will be it. I have good and bad antique shows too. Next time it's your turn for a good show!
Good Luck!

diane said...

And, what a beautiful thespian she is =)
I think your set up looks great...sorry the turn out was not so good.
Hope you are doing well =)

Paige said...



Paige said...

-sobs- The play is finally over!
i miss it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!