Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where oh where has my living room gone?

Paige was here on Wednesday and had fun being a clothing designer. She used my mannequin that I display jewelry  with. She’s such a fashionista.






She’s my great pal and we always have fun together. We have a lot in common. We both love going to the antique shops in town, having lunch at McKinley’s, also in town. And, Barnes and Noble is another hangout for us. Half-Price books gets our business too.

But just hanging out to be together may be my favorite thing to do. BTW you’ll be seeing more of her since I’ve decided to use her as my model to get photos of my jewelry.100_2816

Now, on to the question of where did my living room go?

Tyler and Grandpa have a new toy. Thomas the Train……


Of course, They can’t put it away when they’re done playing because the track would get messed up. We can’t have that after all the trouble they went through to build it.



Hmmmmm, there’s a truck on the track….What should we do?????   100b2890

100b2881  100_2761

I think for these two boys I could get used to a train in my living room.


Stacie said...

LOL...that is what is great about being a grandparent, isn't it? My grandmother was my best friend. I think we would have been best friends even if weren't related...she really had a huge influence on me...glad to see you all are close to your grandbabies too....

Chris said...

How Cute Are They!!? I love your new "model"~~and your hubby looks like he's having as much fun as your grandson~~

Paige said...

Well thank you Chris!

sallyt said...

Paige is darling and a threat to all rising fashion stars!! I love your jewelry and your challenge projects have been very creative. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back here for sure.

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

*waving* from Maine Dear Caroyln!

Skimming through your newest jewels and all I can say is oo-la-la!! And I just love your model, will she come work for me too??

I am commenting on this particular post, because it soooo reminds me of my Dad with his grandkids. They have a basement set up with a huge collectible train set. We wont even get started on the mini John Deere tractors in the yard....

Hope you had a wonderful summer, and I hope to be more blogger friendly in the winter!

xoxox Jes