Friday, June 12, 2009

Art Faire Better late than never

I wasn't putting you on when I said I'd post about the Art Faire that I did last Saturday. We left town on Monday and somehow time got away from me.

Anyway, Paige and Tyler made these lovely silk paintings for me. Pat Greer, amazing artist, was doing demos for painting on silk. They are lightweight and beautiful.

Paige with one of the ones she made.
The process.

Of course, I had to buy this awesome bird feeder. Old dishes and vases put together.

Bartered a bit too~~~love to barter
The two pictures above are a hand carved wood brooch and hand carved welcome plaque.

There was wonderful entertainment all day long, from ballet,to folk songs and dulcimer playing and more.......

Here's a peek at my set-up.

I would like to thank Donna Williams for the great job putting this wonderful Art Faire together. The grounds at Masonic Homes in Shelbyville are a lovely setting.
More to come~~~~the laundry is calling to me. be back later....


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

It looks like you had a fun day! I just love the birdfeeder you got! Thanks for sharing a pic of your booth space. It's always nice to see what others do. It looded like a nice, welcoming booth!

Paige said...


KimberlyRies said...

Your photos from the art faire are great! Was so nice to meet you there! Glad you are a member of our team.

Thanks for following my blog!