Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow and Ice

Looking out the window makes me glad to be inside.

Well, winter has arrived with a BANG in Kentucky. While I'm not all that fond of snow and ice I have to admit it sure is pretty. Our back yard looks like a wonderland~~~all white and pristine.

Lots of beautiful birds at the feeders.

The tree branches are heavy with the weight of the ice,touching the ground. Hope they don't break.

Our cardinal is a pretty one isn't she?

The bright red male was here,however, by the time I ran and got my camera he was gone. Probably a little camera shy.

This will be a good day to work on jewelry. Not tempted to go out at all.

If you double click on the pictures they'll get bigger and you can see more details and the ice shows up more.


Molly Alexander said...

What beautiful pictures - I love the birds! The snow & ice are beautiful as well, but I have to admit to you that I am really enjoying my sunny and 71 degrees weather here in AZ!

;-) Molly

diane said...

Beautiful ice pictures Carolyn. And, so nice you were able to stay inside! Hope you had a full & wonderful day of making jewelry~

ThePreemie Experiment said...

Great pictures! Now I know where your son gets his talent!

kathy mc said...

What gorgoeus photo's. I hope your staying warm. We don't have any snow here in TN. But right now it is 20 degrees.

Chris said...

oooo great day to work on jewelry! Snug inside with the outsides so beautiful~~

Deborah Truesdell said...

Hi Carolyn,

Wow, there is a quiet, hushed beauty in the ice. I know that is easy for me to say that when I am sitting in sunny Southern California and looking at these pictures on your blog! What quickened my heartbeat though, was the picture of that gorgeous cardinal, what a striking picture!!! Hugs to keep you warm!