Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thanks to all who have commented about Jake. Your words hold me up during this trying time. An update----he's still hanging in. Still eating, though I can see his appetite isn't quite the same.His quality of life is still o.k. He has good days and bad days. I'm grateful to God for giving me a little extra time with Jake. I'll take whatever I can get.

I should mention that we have another sweet kitty too. Her name is Jasmine and right now she's been very understanding about not being our main focus.

This is our girl Jasmine.


Chris said...

Ahh, I'm so sorry about Jake...and Jasmine's a little doll. God be with you and encourage you!!!

Deborah Truesdell said...

I was happy to see your post today, I have been wondering how things are going, and I am happy to hear that you are still getting quality time with your Jake kitty. Jasmine has such a sweet face and I am sure she totally understands and supports how you are spending your time. Give Jake a pet for me and let his purring resonate in your heart today.

Hugs to you!