Sunday, July 20, 2008

#1 and #8

Here I am with more to add to Deryn's Summer Jewelry Challenge. Finally got around to #1.

For this one I used copper,silver and brass. The copper piece at the front was flame colored and I added some eyelets, however, I have the back side of the eyelets showing to the front~~~ they remind me of little flowers like that. Next is a textured piece of silver~~~then the brass piece.

I'm loving the way this one turned out. I used some homemade tools on it to get the design. I hammered wire into it to get the spirals. Then, accented the spirals using a nail and a hole punch. Then I worked from the back with a small dowel to get the raised effect. Instead of a bead at the top of the bail I used a small gear that spins.

The neck chain is steel and copper that I formed then flame colored. Then I did # 8~~~ two of them.
Didn't have a watch to use so I made a center piece using the same technique that I did on the brass piece of #1. The rest is made with sterling silver,hammered and an eyelet added and hammered and flame colored brass. All connected with sterling silver jump rings.

This one is copper and brass and sterling connecting it all. The center piece reminds me of a Yin and Yang symbol.

The challenge is helping me stretch myself. Sometimes I get stuck in a certain mode that doesn't let me try new things or go beyond my comfort zone. Doing this is giving me that boost that I need to do the techniques that I haven't done in a long time.

For this I'm grateful. Thanks Deryn.


diane cook said...

Carolyn, These are great. You really worked hard on these, and it shows. How clever to use wire hammered into your brass piece for an interesting pattern. I am learning & stretching also with this challenge. I am so glad I decided to participate.
I have finished my show, and will start on the next project sometime this next week.
First, I must recover from the weekend =)

Deryn Mentock said...

Terrific work Carolyn! I love the way your projects are turning out!

MJ Alexander said...

Carolyn, I love your pieces! The backwards eyelets are great - I had to look really closely to realize what they were - I thought you enameled daisies onto the metal! Your versions of project #8 are stunning. I am going to try the technique you used in raising the metal around the stamped designs. It gives your pieces such a unique and unusual look. Great job!


MJ Alexander said...

And today I have given you an award! Come to my blog and check it out.


Phillipa said...

Hi Carolyn, just been viewing your pieces for the challenge, they are all wonderfull and I really like in particular the first one you did of project 3, how did you do the ledge part, its neat. Look forward to viewing more of your work.

Stacie said...

What a great chain!!! I also really like the patterns formed by the wire...very cool!

paige said...

i like the pic's of Jake! thanks for the comment!!!!!!! love, Paige

sallyt said...

Wow, these are really wonderful, Carolyn. I love all the creative and orginal ways you've treated the metal in these pieces. Thanks for sharing how you did it.